In uncertain times, wouldn’t it be nice if someone would distill the established and emerging trends, strategies, and survival initiatives for retailers, into a digestible but thought-provoking simple list of ten.

It’s a list already proving to inject certainty into uncertainty.

Digest, dismiss, refute, reconsider: then call Section D 

to achieve them.

Effective creative design works for everything.

The experiential word.

Curate, don’t swamp.

A place to shop, do, learn.

(Ready for the library 

wardrobe yet?)

Transformation: repurpose 

your store. Shop-in-shop; co-brand; residencies; concessions. Disruption? Embrace it.

Social media as a draw 

to site and store.

Retail citizenship.

Be a good (local) shop.

Accessibility, sponsoring, 



Lose plastic (you’ll have to anyway). Don’t do it as a follower. Ethical is mainstream.

Trade internationally.

It’s easier than the ‘B’ 

word suggests.

The smartphone

is a window; your second window.

Call Section D.

07860 308691

Invest; digital-first. 

Technology partnerships -

their knowledge, your selling

Support the Government’s 

Future High Streets Fund.

Give employees shares.

Happy employees make...(etc.).