This is Not a Circular

There’s enough information coming at us from all sides to leave us feeling overwhelmed, just aspeople in earlier ages felt smothered by “that horrible mass of books that keeps on growing.” In response, 17th-­century writers compiled indexes, bibliographies, compendiums and encyclopedia to winnow out the chaff.

Smartphones enable the flow of information like never before, but it`s not access to information that counts; it’s how we filter it that increasingly matters.

Here, Section D offers a ‘random’ selection of engaging images. The link is our response to them. Creative sifting, sorting and contextualizing; curating stimulating, metaphoric, commercial, ideas and images - so you don`t have to. 


The Information by James Gleick. 
One book out the mass Section D 
has chosen. 


Section D

The Hidden Persuaders

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