Visionary Retailers’ Chart
An Emotional Guide to Selling


The Eight Hidden Needs

Emotional security: 20/200
As fragile emotional beings, few of us achieve deep
emotional security, so we all keep seeking it.
You can play to this, emphasizing home, and
promising comfort, happiness, permanence and a
source of safety. Shopping as a friend.


Reassurance of worth: 20/100
In an increasingly (social media) connected world,
we can lose sense of who we are and what we are
worth. We seek reassurance that we are adding
value and deserve our place in society.
You can help them feel they are doing the right thing
(saving the environment or helping others).


Ego gratification: 20/70
Ego gratification is related to worth, in that they are
both about the sense of identity.
You can openly praise the customer for buying
products (perhaps ahead of time) or reference praise
of a sympathetic character (with whom they identify).


Creative outlets: 20/50
Many jobs are creatively unfulfilling, driving us
to seek creative opportunity in other parts of life.
You offer opportunities to be creative (from food
ingredients to combining clothes). Address these
creative needs through the use of inventive
merchandise presentation.


Love objects: 20/40
Children and adults want both to love and be loved.
Children have dolls, teddy bears: adults have cars,
pets, gadgets and clothes.
You can sell them something else to love.


Sense of power: 20/30
We need a sense of control, a sense of power.
You can offer choice, reliability, solidity, exclusivity
in products, suggesting acquisition will put the buyer
in charge, ownership imbue power. Imply they are
in control when deciding to make that purchase.


Roots: 20/25
Heritage, family, nation ar e important for that feeling
of identity. We live mobile lives (place to place, job
to job, partner to partner).
You can emphasize family, nation and cultural
references to anchor them, and hence you to them.
The terms ‘Vintage’ and ‘Classic’ are useful shortcuts.


Immortality: 20/20
We fear death. We seek to create meaning in
our lives so we may live beyond death (we
have children, write books, build companies).
You can offer help in the battle to cheat age;
youthful imagery helps us avoid thinking about
death. Encourage this search for lost youth