Chains of Love: Section D Publications

Limited edition retail-based love story. Hand-assembled with dust cover, ribbon, and sealing wax sealed printed envelope.An extract:You know how these things start. A casualwear encounter across a crowded street. Hopes raised and realized. She`s shopped around for too long; this time it`s you.To her, it`s love at first sight. Boutique is in the air. For you open a high street door and throw away the key, and she spends summer with your brand moniker, and you spend summer with her. Love grows, loyalty card ensues. All is fresh, unique, exciting, all `I haven`t seen anything like this before" You, the heroic brand, go from success to success, every new opening offering satisfaction and stimulation. Glory be. The honeymoon lasts for ever (or so it seems). Contact us to find out more